What's in a Name?

We started a business with a fairly simple idea. Real people produce the raw materials of the products we sell, and real people prepare the beverages we serve. As a company then, we want to highlight, share and celebrate the hard work of the people whose hands impact the drink in your hands. As we began looking for a name, we kept coming back to this idea of "the work of the people". And then we found the concept of Liturgy.

As a concept, Liturgy finds its roots in Ancient Greece, where the words λαός / Laos, "the people" and the root ἔργο / ergon, "work" came together to describe the duty of citizens to society. In western cultures, Liturgy also carries the connotation of ritual or habit. And when we put together it's origins with it's popular usage, we came to see alignment with the driving idea of our business.
Liturgy exists to create space for celebrating the work of all people. From the tea producers and coffee farmers who make the ingredients, to the professionals who prepare the drinks, to the hard working people who drink them; Liturgy Beverage Company exists to celebrate real people and their hard work.