Liturgy Beverage Company exists to connect the work of real people around the world to the daily routines of our guests in Durham, NC. 

At the most basic level, we are a team of people dedicated to building meaningful relationships with our guests and crafting beverages that connect our guests with the hard work and stories behind their drinks. 

Tim and TiLissa Jones, owners of Liturgy, met in a coffee bar. They quickly discovered a shared dream to open a space where people could gather to share their rituals and habits over delicious drinks. Having spent the last decade of their lives working in and around coffee shops, Tim and TiLissa are excited to share their vision for a specialty beverage experience with their community.


Inspired by the slow food movement, we source ingredients from companies that are as interested in the quality and sourcing of our ingredients as we are. We partner with multiple coffee roasters, tea importers and chocolate makers to ensure that we are serving beverages of the highest possible quality. Whether it be tea growers in Asia, cacao farmers in South America or coffee farmers in Africa; we want to celebrate the many hands that make each drink possible.


The Liturgy Way

Our approach to service is intentional and simple:

Because we value each guest’s time, all of the drinks we serve are delivered within five minutes. We believe that quality and efficiency go hand in hand, so we are committed to using all the tools we have to deliver a quality beverage fast.

We use simple language to describe our beverages so that we can serve our guests the exact drink they are looking for. Instead of using fancy Italian words for our espresso drinks, we describe them by their ingredients. Instead of throwing around Japanese words, we describe our matcha offerings by their consistency. We speak the languages of coffee and tea fluently so our guests don’t feel forced to.


Our core menu contains many familiar beverages intended to provide a sense of comfort and nostalgia for people of all backgrounds. We offer classic espresso options, drinking chocolates of varying intensities and many familiar tea options. We want our year-round beverages to be an anchor for our guests, a safe choice in every season.


Our rotating menu is built around the four seasons. Each season we introduce an entirely new menu of featured beverages to highlight fresh ingredients and display unique flavors. This includes fresh crop coffees and teas, as well as unique “mocktails” that play with the many unique flavors that each season brings.